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About Us

About us

Welcome to the world of Bag Of Bong – a range of innovative, quirky and colourful home decor, fashion and accessories – all of which are hand-drawn.

The brand was born out of the desire to create something fresh and out-of-the-box, drawing its inspiration from our roots in the cultural traditions of Bengal. It is an initiative to retell the stories from every Bengali household that we have grown up listening to. All our communication is in the Bengali language – it is our way of paying tribute to the mother tongue that we are so proud of.

Entertaining, funny, and nostalgic, these stories are presented in a brand new avatar, reimagined as art that one can use to brighten up one’s personal space.

All our products — Wall Plates, Hand Crafted Food Plates, Coasters, Posters, Art on Paper, notebooks, Hand crafted Coffee Mugs, Cushion Covers, Tote Bags, Art on Paper, Sarees & Dupattas — depict stories steeped in our rich Bengali culture and upbringing. From old grandmother’s tales to the popular sayings passed on from one generation to another — we bring all of these and more!

Trina Mukherjee

Founder & Artist

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