Bengal Reimagined

Grandmothers, mothers and aunts conjured a world where magical things happened. Funny characters with their wisecracks kept us entertained during stormy nights, lazy afternoons and balmy evenings. Some of these stories are here to be retold to the world, all the way from a Bengali's imagination, peppered with some childhood nostalgia. Join us to be a part of this world where every moment in life is celebrated in a unique and quirky manner.

Old Flavors, New Styles

Bengal is home to some beloved characters, often they have taken shape in someone's imagination and then evolved with passing time. Come, let's introduce you to some of our favourites.

Creative Drive

Our aim has been to bring Bengali quirk, humour and sensibilities on a global platform. The life of a Bengali is interesting even in the mundane. He has a million hobbies, loves to dig up stories and information, is passionate about his food as much as sports and never fails to overhear the right words at the right time. It is this relentless fervour of a Bengali which drives us creatively to come up with designs and ideas.

What They Said About Us

What I love about Bag of Bong is not only it captures various shades of a Bengali culture but also in craft it doesn't look artificially perfect. It looks raw and it makes it look more real. The colors are chosen very tastefully and are true to the subject of art. Having as a part of my decor feels like having a piece of Kolkata on my wall.

Azaz Ul Haque
CCO Mullen Lintas India

What They Said About Us

These beautiful pieces of art by Bag of bong are now a part of our home and heart. Can’t be more grateful!

Arun Gopalan
Ad filmmaker, Mumbai

What They Said About Us

The Sundori Komola tote bag is a wardrobe staple for me. I have paired it with a LBD as well as ethnic wear and it works a charm with both! Even the Bag of Bong notebooks are stunning as a work of art but the fact that you can write on them makes it even better!

Angana Moitra
Assistant Professor, St. Xaviers’ University, Kolkata

What They Said About Us

These are like Talking plates from Bengal. I couldn’t be happier with what black and white looks like on a yellow wall

Piyush Raghani
Ad film director, Mumbai.



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What’s New in Our Bag?

Our timeless and classic bestseller, the Shaheb, Bibi and Gholam characters make a super stylish appearance in the form of a saree. Completely hand-painted and never seen before, the intricate work, the beautiful crochet border and the eye-catching Pallu or Anchal - all add up to create a statement!

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